Reed Transport Solutions LLC was created after years of dealing with the "typical freight broker." From my experience the typical broker is concerned with nothing but high profit. Which is ultimately the goal for any company, however, taking as much as they can from the shipper and paying a miniscule amount to the truck doing the work helps nobody but the broker.

 Also most brokers have absolutely zero experience in the cab of a truck and very little if any time on the dock or in the field loading, securing and unloading of any cargo.

 This can create tension and frustration between the broker, the driver, and the shipper. It is very upsetting to a driver and a shipper when a truck shows up thinking they are loading apples and it turns out to be zebras.

 Reed Transport Solutions will strive to be a brokerage company that will work closely with the shipper, the truck and the receiver. With safety and efficiency being my main concerns we're able to work diligently to move freight at a rate that is fair to both the shipper and the carrier.  I will use my experience and work ethic to provide as easy a move as possible. My job is not complete until the product is safely delivered.